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Monday, June 18, 2012

#249: blooms and burgers

There aren't too many trees I have a problem with. Here, we seem to have an overabundance of sweetgum trees. Not, as you would think, because of the many seed ball things everywhere (that don't really fall off the tree until spring, when you're ready to go barefoot again.) No, I have a problem because they are, to put it mildly, like weeds. You cut a young one, it grows back. You leave it and let it grow, and 500 new ones sprout off the roots.

There is one, however, I don't mind. I sometimes sit my chair under it and enjoy the shade, especially since the cottonwood next to it is blooming. I have several wind chimes hanging in it, as well as a small hanging plant that enjoys the filtered sunlight. I went out yesterday and took a picture. It looks almost like they're holding hands. I actually had a visiting hummingbird last week; but the blooms weren't open then, so it didn't stay very long. Hopefully it'll be back.

So today I did some snooping online about our new bosses. If you haven't heard, our restaurant was bought by a franchisee, probably the largest owners in the country. They seem like a nice bunch; we'll see how things go. I had to go back and re-do all the paperwork (including a paper job application!) the other day. I also seem to have inherited someone else's hours.... I've gone from midday to mostly closing (or at least, closing the dining room at 10 anyhow.) I don't care too awful much; it's money, and I'm not picky, as long as I get the week off that I requested, the week after the 4th of July. The Megs is coming to visit! We'll see how much taller she is this time. Probably taller than me, now.

The wildflower garden is coming along. I made the mistake of walking in it this morning, and somehow picked up an 8 legged hitchhiker--a tick. Fortunately, I found him before he had a chance to start munching. This summer is going to be bad for them--since we didn't have much of a winter to speak of.

Well, Wednesday is World Tacky Socks Day! Feel free to send me your photos.... my email is Sailorcritter[at] Hopefully I'll remember to wear mine. :)


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  1. Visited the Bro in Law Sunday. We were in the woods letting the little one shoot a bow. BIL picked 3 ticks off his leg in an hour.

    Gum trees are hardy and can be a gorgeous red in the fall but I hate the gumballs. They will turn your ankle on a concrete drive. I cut everyone of them in my yard.


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