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Saturday, June 2, 2012

#248: Saturday


So last night, I racked my brains a bit to figure out what I was going to do today. It's too quiet here in the Technicolor Trailer when Dent isn't around. By this morning, I wasn't any closer to figuring it out, so I did what I usually do when I'm stuck on what to do: go somewhere I've been before, but go a different route than normal.  It was time to hop in the Kia and go for a spin.

About 30 minutes later, I found myself approaching Lincolnton. And found the road blocked by large neon orange barriers.

"What is this," I thought, "Another Apple Festival?" Not exactly, but I was kinda close. After detouring completely around downtown Lincolnton (which is no where as grand as it sounds), I pulled into a parking lot at the old Rite-Aid (long since closed), and began walking back towards the square. I began seeing lots of motorcycles, and then I spotted the sign outside the Lincolnton Police Department: "Hog Happenin' June 1-2".


A little something they do every year, it's a festival for both motorcycles and BBQ..... and this....

For the go on the go, I guess.
At any rate, there were lots of arts and crafts booths, many many BBQ vendors, and of course, motorcycles.  Surprisingly, there were only two "biker churches" that I saw; and no one tried to give me religious literature. I got a few stares, I imagine this was because  A)I was unaccompanied by anyone, and B) I wasn't wearing biker threads or tattoos....  Most folks saw a little girl running around taking pictures of things.

I stayed maybe 45 minutes; I'm not all that interested in motorcycles that much, so after that it was time to do the other thing I do when I'm bored: find someplace I *haven't* been before. I settled on a local park, just south of Newton. Out came the camera again.

Beware strange squirrels offering nuts.
The park was mainly deserted; there were a few folks having a picnic, and a couple of people running on the trail. Overall, a very quiet place. I'll  have to bring the Dent there one day, maybe we can bring a lunch.

I also found this. Perhaps some wood-god uses it as a throne, I don't know. I can't be the only person who sees a chair when I look at this. What do you folks think??



  1. A throne??? Possibly...but you will need to have the drain-waste-vent system installed properly, unless it's one of those new eco-models.

    The smell may linger of course but hey, nothings perfect.

  2. Weeelll.. I meant more the kind of throne a king sits on, not the kind you poop in...although it IS a bit hollow on the inside... hmmm....



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