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Thursday, May 31, 2012

#247: None of my doing

If you showed up at Burgerworld yesterday after 4 PM and found the doors locked, I must apologize. It was none of my doing. Well, sort of. The manager lady told me to lock the doors. But there was a good reason.

Between the close of business yesterday, and 9 am this morning, Burgerworld went from being corporate owned, to a private owner (I E a franchise.) The early closing was for the managers to get their stuff done. I haven't been back today, so I don't know what they've changed.

You can imagine the looks as people came up, tried the door, and THEN read the sign. They'd look at me out mopping the floor with those sad sad eyes, as if to say, "Can't you open the doors for *five minutes* just for *me*?" Uhm, no. 

Also, was officially told yesterday morning that "next week will probably be your last week" at the Bulls-eye. I am slightly sad, yes. But I'm more amused. Week-after-next the fridge trucks start bringing the cold stuff, on top of the OTHER trucks bringing the usual shipment. They're gonna miss having an extra person to help putting stuff up. I'm LMAO. Should I go in that morning when the store opens and see how they held up without me? This is going to be good.

Let the wild rumpus start. 

The Dent is taking a trip without me... (sob)... To a gaming convention in Charlotte with some buddies. What *ever* shall I do with myself over the weekend?? I can imagine all sorts of things--go see a movie, stay up late, whatever. I can imagine though.... probably what I always do, eat ramen noodles and go to bed early. ;) I'm dull.....

Our tomato plants have their first lil yellow flowers.... pretty soon we'll see some maters growing. 

Final thought: the more the need to be quiet, the louder the children screaming. I'm currently at the library, listening to a small child. Who seems to take special delight in making noise. It's what kids do; it's just louder where it's normally quiet.


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