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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#246: Looking up and ahead

Life, for the most part, consists of putting one foot in front of the other. Of getting up each day, routines, of going through the motions. One day at a time, sweet Jesus, as the song goes. It's rare that one is forced to think several jumps ahead. This is why there are so many commercials for retirement plans, and so many people who do not use them. I guess while we're plodding along, we're afraid to look up, afraid of the stumbles that go along with the loss of concentration. But sometimes you gotta look up, or you miss the big picture.

Friday afternoon, the little birdie parents who'd made a nest in the ceiling of the car port, decided it was time for the little ones to leave the nest. There was a tremendous amount chirping going on, and I wandered behind the car to see several small, gray and brown fuzzballs with wings bouncing through the grass and up the hill towards the woods. A couple got lost in the clover; Dent hadn't mowed the lawn yet, and it was kinda high. I had to kind of shoo them in the right direction. There were four in all, that I could see. Hopefully they found a nice clump of brambles to hide in, until their wings got strong enough to fly.

Remember to look around you... Even stumbling is better than being blind to what surrounds you.

Our bucket garden is coming along. Several of the tomato plants have gotten tall enough to need tying to stakes. One plant had to be pulled, however, as it was stunted and didn't look like it was going to grow more than a few inches. I put a new seed in the bucket; we'll see if it sprouts. The praying mantises are out, I found a baby one crawling in the carrots.

This weekend promises to be rough. In addition to being a holiday weekend (meaning EVERYONE is working at the Burgerworld), the bosses at bulls-eye have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to insist everyone show up 30 minutes earlier than they were on a more permanent basis. The logic is that the truck is taking too long to unload; since some of us are not getting pallets until 4 am, that is why it is taking so long for everyone to finish. Personally, I don't think showing up 30 minutes earlier will solve this problem; it's more an issue with everyone working at their fastest (I try, but I get the impression others aren't necessarily) Since I only have maybe a month left at that place, I'm not too worried about it. At least I think it's a month; I haven't been given any indication that they like me enough to keep me longer. We'll see how that goes.


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