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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

245: If Professor X drove a Deere

This weekend, the folks down the hill invited us to an outing of sorts. Being the curious type with no life (as in, neither of us having to work Saturday so what were we going to do with ourselves??) , we tagged along. This event was loosely called a "tractor pull". I say 'loosely', because very little of what I saw even remotely resembled a tractor. Most had been mutated in some form or fashion--several "hemi" engines, or in the picture above, aircraft turbines (the ductwork sticking out the front is where the turbines are). Needless to say, we had lots of fun, although we needed earplugs (jet engines being a bit on the loud side).

While cruising around this afternoon, I spotted someone getting into a car that looked EXACTLY like mine. So I honked as I drove by. And yelled out the window, "NICE CAR!!". It's fun making complete strangers smile.

Our bucket garden is coming along nicely. I'll grab some pictures once everything has sprouted fully and is growing. I've already had to tie up one of the tomato plants, as it was getting a bit on the spindly side.


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