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Sunday, May 13, 2012

244: Controlled chaos at 3 a.m.

I knew Friday would be bad. I knew it. I had been warned by several people about just how bad it was going to be. So when I clocked in, I wasn't expecting to have a good  morning.

On a normal morning, I'm clocked in at 3:30. Then I'm either helping set areas up, or helping to sort the stuff coming off the truck onto pallets. I'm usually out on the floor around 4, placing stuff off the first pallet. On a typical day I have between 3-5 pallets, depending on how much stuff was on the truck specific for my area.

Friday, I clocked in at 3:00. By 3:15 I already had *four* pallets all ready to go. These had been put *on the truck* already on a pallet, wrapped in plastic.

Okay. Yeah. This is going to be insane.  But I got to work anyway.

Around 3:30 a couple of folks from my group wandered over and began putting stuff up, that I was setting out. The boss men must've sent them over, I thought. Still, I thanked them for the help, and continued running the boxes to the correct aisles.  Around 4:00 more people showed up, from the overnight/remodel group. They're here to move the last couple of aisles, I thought. But no, they began putting stuff up, too. I also noticed several other people who I'm assuming are folks from the day shift, getting in a couple of extra hours worth in.

I almost started to cry. Seriously. These people are here to help *me*.

I thanked them. Profusely. Many, many MANY times.

We had a total of 30 pallets of stuff. Which meant that even with 15 people working on it, it still took until 8:30 to get it resembling anything like order. Still, I had help. Even the bossmen came over to help, which really surprised me. Still, I thanked them, too.

After that, I had to head to Burgerworld, and needless to say, I was extremely tired when I got home. But I've been off the past couple of days, so I should be fine tomorrow, when I have to go back to the bull's eye.

I just hope the load will be a typical one for Monday, and not heavier because we're selling more stuff.


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  1. OMG - You mean to say that there are some.....(gulp) Helpful folk around AND when you need them!!!!

    What is the world coming to???? Nooo, this will not do!!

    Whatever next?? Sales assistants who actually hold back and wait before seeing if you are in need of help??? Politicians who mean what they say....and know what they mean???

    No, No, No. Let's have the world back to how it was please. Thanks :)


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