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Thursday, April 26, 2012

#242: Books and buckets and bizarre, oh my!

If you've been hanging out here at all, you'll remember that, besides being stuck in the little boys' clothing section at the big box store, I have several other..... we'll call them quirks........ that make me, me. Yes, I know, "we're all different". Some of us are more different than others. I have an affinity for boiled peanuts, bought from the roadside vendor who hangs out in the grocery store parking lot. I collect raccoons. I am, fittingly enough, left handed. Meaning I do things bass-ackwards. But one of my "quirks" you may not necessarily be aware of, is that I seem to attract four leaf clovers. I say "attract", because I just look down and there they are, and I coulda sworn they weren't there a minute ago. It's a tad unnerving, because....well... it just is.

We had heavy rain this morning, and in between showers, I went outside for a breath of air. I can't stand being inside for too long. Today I was fortunate enough to be off both jobs, so it was time to relax. Commune with nature and all that crap. So here I am by the driveway, talking to Dent on the cell at his lunch break... I look down, and what I see nearly makes me drop the phone.

Mutant Clover.
When one finds a four leaf clover, it isn't unusual to find more growing nearby--it's a mutation of the plant, after all. But I can't say I've found more than one with five leaves growing together--until now. There's at least three in this picture, with a fourth starting to open up its leaves.

So is this someone trying to tell me something? A close encounter with the fairy kind? Or am I somehow doing this? I'm open to suggestions and comments. Especially from you fay-types. I know better than to ask my family or co-workers; they tend to fear anything that isn't "normal".

At any rate, last weekend was spent at the flea market. Dent found an impact wrench (that, surprisingly, still worked) for $5. I found a small cushioned stool that was *just the right height* for my short little self to sit on.

Tuesday, it was sunny enough to start our yearly summer project: Bucket Garden Is Go! [/plantnerd]. It was warm enough to plant the plants that I had started earlier, and prepare buckets for more plants, once they sprout, too. Now, if I can just keep the critters from digging in the buckets... we have some pepper smelly stuff that you sprinkle around the area, but it keeps raining and washing the stuff away.... I'll see if I can find the stuff you spray, that wears off gradually.

Our next project: building a library. We have plenty of books, and we're always getting more. But they're scattered around the technicolor trailer in various bookcases. We have our awesome neighbor (who is also the landlord, BTW) building a small bookcase to fit under the living room window, and then we have plans for two taller bookcases (ala Big Box Store) for either side. I'll post images of that, once we get it together.


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  1. Love the fact that whilst you're communing with nature, you're also using technology to speak to the other half.

    Ain't life grand ;-)


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