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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#241: WTF Bull's-eye, I thought we were friends!

Yeah, I know it's been a couple of weeks. I suppose I ought to let you all in on how things are going.

Working at the bull's eye, is fun. Or it was, up until yesterday morning. Granted, we were all running late getting the crap out on to the shelves. There was lots of stuff, the trucks being a bit on the heavy side on Mondays. Ok, I guess we deserved some of the flack we were getting, although we all were going as fast as was humanly possible.

.............But to have the supervisor come up to me personally, and tell me that I "need to speed up like J--- was" (the woman in question was my trainer, now on night shift) did not help in the least.

In fact it completely, utterly pissed me off.

Guess what? I will never ever EVER be like this person, considering she has been there longer than even *you*, mr. supervisor, and I doubt you could ever do her job as quickly as she did it, either.

Perhaps if you watched me work on more than one occasion, you could see I'm practically running to get this crap out there. One of my other coworkers assured me I was doing fine. At this point, I respect his opinion more than yours.... He works with me on a daily basis, rather than just popping in to tell me how slow I am.

Can ya tell I'm still pissed off?

I struggled the rest of the day, although I admit it got better once I got to my other job. It was sufficiently slow that I was placed on drive through, although I don't particularly care for it. I made an interesting discovery in the stock room... a rather large box on the top shelf that reads "TRANSFORMERS 3". I asked, and was told those were "back up toys" in case we run out of the regular ones. Now, what is REALLY in there, I don't know, it's up on the tippy top shelf. But if anyone is interested, I can do some exploring Thursday, when I work up there again.

Today is spent in "not killing the general public" therapy: mainly, baking treats. I'm also off tomorrow, there not being a truck to unload at the bull's eye. Although, I admit, if my best isn't good enough for them, maybe they ought to find something else for me to do.....

Or as I tell asshole drivers, "Fuck you. Have a nice day!"


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