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Thursday, March 29, 2012

#239: I sit corrected.

So this morning, I decided that it was time for a new pair of jeans. For those of you keeping up, you'll remember this is not as easy as you'd think. If one were to look around at your local big box store, for example, one would find racks and racks of stuff for, how do we say it, *normal* sized people.

Which, you may have guessed, is not me.

I have short legs and little-to-no ass to speak of. Last years' trip for pants ended up with me coming home with, not women's jeans...or girls' jeans.... but a pair from the boys' section, size 16H.

Back at the big-box store, I do a quick little look-see and reaffirm the obvious: there is NOTHING IN THE WOMENS' OR GIRLS' SECTIONS THAT FIT ME. I sigh, and wander to the other side of the divide, where the boys' clothes are. I can only imagine what the lady at the fitting room was thinking.... ;)

The verdict: 14H. Either I've lost weight (possible, since I've had to be on a somewhat low-fat diet for a bit), or different companies have different sizes. (also possible, since I have shoes that are the same way).

Now, before you tell me how LUCKY I am to be as small as I am, let me tell YOU how frustrating it is to not be taken seriously because I *am* this small. At the check out I had a little old lady tell me the 20lb bags of lawn bug killer were "too heavy" for me to pick up and put back in my cart (uhm... then how did I get it in the cart to begin with? And how did I get it up on the conveyer belt??). I smiled and said, "nahhhh", and picked one up. A nice fellow in line behind me handled the other one. While I appreciate the concern, I'm not THAT helpless, thankyouverymuch.

I just smile and thank folks for the help. But still, it's aggravating.

Oh, well. One day I'll sit back and accept that people assume. Maybe.


But they're cargo pants, which is what I was looking for... me likes lotsa pockets.

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