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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#238: green and growing

The wildflower seeds have started to sprout up in the garden, and the rose I planted has begun putting out new leaves (yay! I didn't kill it when I transplanted it!). The other rose I planted out front last year has begun setting flower buds. This surprises me, as I thought it would have to grow a couple of years before it bloomed. Sadly, due to not having much of a winter, the aphids are already out. I guess I need to get another spray bottle with soap water to spray on them.

The veggie seeds have also begun to sprout. Here are some of the bigger ones catching some sunshine Tuesday. Hopefully we'll be able to start our 'bucket garden' soon. We'll be growing tomatoes and hot peppers again, and this year Dent thought he'd try some carrots. I also am attempting to grow rosemary and thyme. The rosemary hasn't sprouted yet (it takes a while, apparently), but the thyme is in the picture, they're the ones on the right.

My 'new' job is....what it is. I apparently take stuff out of cardboard boxes and find the correct place on the shelf. Not necessarily hard, once you figure out the system they're using. But I need to get quicker at getting the stuff out there--they've had me in the grocery section, and there is usually a LOT of stuff to put out...... :P But, I'm out of the store by 9:30 am at the latest (really they want you done by 8), giving me plenty of time to run errands, or head to my OTHER job if I'm scheduled for it (which is a little rough, but I'm dealing with it)

For the last few weeks, all they've been talking about is this 'Hunger Games' thing. I've never read the book, it didn't look all that interesting to me (the description reminds me a little of "Running Man", just with kids in it), and so I am pretty tired of hearing about it. I get like that sometimes--if it's popular (like Twilight), I want nothing to do with it.

I think they're pushing it as much as they are here, because a lot of it was filmed here in NC.... In fact, some of it was filmed about 10 miles from here, in an old abandoned town.....

Today has been cool and cloudy. I have fans in the windows. I hope it doesn't rain, as then I'd have to close the windows.....


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  1. No one should have anything to do with Twilight at all. A bad fanfic is better than Twilight...and that came from one of my co-workers who read the books!

    The Hunger Games reminds me of a watered-down version of Battle Royale, which was a manga and a live action movie. (Totally unsure if they did an anime, but it wouldn't surprise me.) The set ups are the exact same--kids get drafted to fight to the death in nationally televised game, but there the similarities end.

    In The Hunger Games, the kids are publically chosesn while in Battle Royale, it's all done in secret. No one knows that they have to do this until they get there. There's no pagentry, no one's trotted out in a frilly dress and introduced, the kids are just shipped off to die. And in Battle Royale, all the kids wear a neat collar that keeps track of their vitals. If nobody dies within a 24 hour timespan, well...

    The collars have explosives. Boom, headshot. Like I said, waaaaaaaay watered-down. So yeah, I'll be skipping Hunger Games, thank you very much.


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