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Monday, March 12, 2012

#236: fish and eggs

Last Tuesday I happened to be off. Well, you could argue I am "off" pretty much every day. But off from work, anyhow. I decided it was time to take a lil road trip to Newton to return some library books.

.....What's that? Yes, there *are* people who take the time to actually pick up a book, and not one of those virtual book Kindle/Nook crappy things. I guess I'm old fashioned in that I prefer to have the physical book in my hands. Maybe it makes me look smarter, I don't know. Of course, I'd look a lot smarter if 2/3 of the books I was returning wasn't checked out by *Dent*, and involved various topics such as developing one's ESP, taking tests, and electronics. You can tell which ones I tend to take home: they're mostly ones with plants in them, or gardening.

At any rate, I decided while I was there that it was time to take more pictures. I do a lot of this on my days off. I look like a friggin tourist, snapping stuff that I have seen at least a billion times, with the hope that it will come out differently somehow. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In this case, I managed to get a good close-up of one of the lanterns outside the old courthouse. They have this oriental look to them that somehow doesn't mesh with the overall look of the building.

There's also this little park out there, where a building used to be. I got a couple of pics of the daffodils and camillas starting to bloom.

It reminded me that I had my own gardening at home to do, and so Wednesday (when it was a tad warmer), I drug out the clippers and gave the pampas grass their yearly "haircut".

For you folks who don't know what pampas grass is, it's that tall stringy stuff you see growing down by the beach, with the "poof" flowers in midsummer. The leaves have a sharp edge, meaning you need long pants, long sleeved shirt, and double thick gloves to trim it, unless you want to feel like you've been attacked by the papercut ninja the next day. It's tempting to just let them go, but unless you trim them back every year, the insides get all icky and dead.

In one of the bushies, I found this.

I'm not a "Bugologist", so I'm really not sure who this belongs to. I suspect it came from a praying mantis, and so I stuck it back in the bush when I got done trimming.

I've pretty much decided to limit the veggie gardening to the buckets this year, and not worry about planting them in the ground. So what am I planting up in the garden this year instead? How about a wildflower garden? I planted a couple of bushes I had growing in buckets, to mark the edge of it, and when I'm sure it isn't going to freeze again I'll spread out the wildflower seed. I've got the veggie seeds going under a lamp; we'll see how long it takes them to sprout.

Well, Thursday is the day. Orientation! I go see the folks up at the bulls-eye.... Good thing, as I only have like 15 hours up at the BurgerKingdom. We'll see how many hours I get now.... ;)


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