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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#232: The pause that confuses you.

So when my manager mentioned the new drink dispenser, and that it would have 100+ things on it, I admit, I was a tad apprehensive. I mean, I can barely figure out the menus on the cash register *now*. There are like 5 different menus, and that's not even counting the separate one for the coupons and discounts.

Great was my surprise when I waltzed in Friday morning, and was greeted by one of these. Ours is red, and a plain silver one (minus the "ribbon" thing) is by the drive thru window.

It's been an amusing week, watching folks figure out the machine. Although, I admit it's less complicated then you'd think; it's just pushing buttons. Until yesterday, when the screen froze up. Fortunately, this happened at the end of my shift.... When I left, the poor assistant manager was attempting to get the bottom open so she could restart the thing. She wasn't having too much luck getting it open.
I really hope she managed to get that thing open.

They've also installed a new menu board behind the counter; it's all computerized like the ones at other fast food places, although it had its glitches, too--on the first day it hung up while switching from the breakfast menu to the lunch/dinner. And for half the day none of the prices were listed, leading customers to ask, "so it's free, right?" Silly customers!

Woo, technology.


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