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Monday, February 13, 2012

#231: Your Annoying Habit, #1765

..........Once again, you have spent money on an electronical-type gadget that, because we live out in the boonies, is about as useful as a paperweight.

It doesn't help that you bought the thing in an effort to overcome the fact that we're in the boonies. Frankly, I told you that it was hopeless when you bought it, the sure solution would be to move closer to civilization again.

It also doesn't help that you refuse to admit that it isn't going to work.

"But it worked in your car!"

............I don't need it to work in my car. I need it to work in the *house*. Or your car; but you can't use it in *your* car because it requires a power source, and the previous owner of your car decided to remove the lighter and chuck it somewhere.

When I asked about the return policy, that was a friggin' HINT. Take the hint and get your money back...but no, you want to order a DIFFERENT one now...... :P

ARRRGH. You should know by now, you have no luck with electronics.


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