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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#229: The Wild Job Chase Race

Both interviews went pretty well today; I managed to not get lost, even though I had never been to either place before.

Place 1: 7.50/hr, 25-30 hrs a week. They give you the uniform, and allow you to buy non-skid shoes from them. However, it's a job a lot of people look down on (flipping burgers). It's also a bit of a drive, but worth it if I get enough hours. The manager seems nice, but has to run my app by the assistant manager (whom I haven't met yet) and THEN decide on whether it's time for a second interview.

Place 2: 8.15/hr, anywhere from 18-32 hours a week. It's something I am at least familiar with (deli), but is for a company I have heard both good and bad things about. The drive is a little further than place #1, but it was implied I'd be getting enough hours, at least while I'm "training", to compensate. My hiring will depend on whether my references can be contacted, and my passing a drug test (which I don't have a problem with). We have to come up with the uniform, but I think I have at least part of it already.

The folks at both places seemed to like what they saw and heard, So now it's a matter of which one will call me first.

Of course, if neither one calls me, I'm back to square one.

Stay tuned.


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