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Monday, February 6, 2012

#228: Lucky (?) Me.

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to follow the "what goes around, comes around" idea. I posted an image of a four leaf clover on Fartbook, with the caption that if you needed luck, or know someone else who did, to feel free and steal the image, I would be sending on the luck, or "paying it forward", so to speak...with the thought that maybe, just maybe, it would come back to me.

Tomorrow I have not one, but *two* job opposite ends of the area...lots of driving, which I'm not real fond of. Think double happy thoughts. But maybe this is my luck returning. Or else it's a wild job chase, one.

Also, it appears there are herbal supplements that can *dissolve* gallstones. Since the doctors can't seem to get their crap straight and help me, perhaps I can help myself.... I would love this to work, so I can call the doctors up and say, "you wouldn't help. You know what? FUCK YOU." That would be totally satisfying.

At the moment, I am up using the free wi-fi at the library.... The phone line is out again at the house, till the ground dries out again.... :P


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