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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#226: Shafted, and shifted.

so early this morning, it was time to take another trip. This time my medical records and I wandered down to what was once Lincoln County's hospital, to see if I qualified for anything to get my operation done. As usual, I misjudged the distance and wound up arriving fashionably early. That was ok; this gave me time to scan the (mostly empty) parking lot.

My first observations were not good ones: Not only was the address on "Gamble Drive", but through the winter-stripped trees one can see the back side of Warlick Funeral home. The cars parked up in the spaces marked "Employees" all seemed to sneer across the parking lot. The sun went in and out amongst the clouds, throwing odd shadows. There was a sprinkle of rain. Cars came and went, mostly went. Finally, it was time to go in.

The dignosis: the physician will *try* to get me in to an expert.... who *may* decide to see me for free.... :P But hey, I managed to score some free anti-barf meds....too bad what I really need is someone to say "you know what? I'll do it, you can pay me later when you get a job..."

Shafted, and shifted again.

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