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Monday, January 9, 2012

#223 Attention Whores

So when I was a little one, my sister and I were encouraged to stand up for ourselves. Not talk back, necessarily, or be a smartass, but you know, show the world at large that dammit, we were worth something. Then I moved, and everything changed.

For a while, I lived with a relative, who is noted as saying things like, "You spend the first couplea years teaching them to walk and talk. You spend the next 18 tellin' em to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP." Pretty standard for that side of the family--the parents were always right. Even when they were wrong...... And so I sat down and shut up, and everyone pretty much ignored me. I think I can pin a lot of my shyness and general un-stand-up-ish-ness on this dark period in my life.

An easy enough fix, you're probably thinking. Don't think I haven't tried. Of course, this usually ends up in disaster, and I'm pretty much still ignored. Let me give you an example or three.

1) That wonderful job application I mailed off last week. You have my email address. Better, you have my CELL phone number. I don't just give my cell number to everyone. Most folks have to settle for calling the house (and maybe having to leave a message if I happen to be online.) Can you take FIVE GODDAMN MINUTES to tell me I'm *not* needed?

Hell, no. Apparently that was too much to ask.

2) I am, as I have stated before, not real crafty. So when I have crafty stuff that maybe I can pass along to the crafty-enabled, naturally that's the way my brain thinks. So when I post an offer of FREE FRIGGIN FABRIC to a group of SCA folks, you'd think SOMEONE would take an interest.

Or not. I posted the offer a week ago. Not even an acknowledgment that anyone even bothered to read it. Guess what? You snooze, you lose. I'll be taking a trip to goodwill (probably friday), and if no one deigns to accept my offer, the fabric goes with all the other junk that needs a home. I have no time for rudeness.

I'm seeing a trend here.

The trick, then, is to stand up and make yourself known, without coming across as an "attention whore". Trouble is, I'm not real sure how to do this. It's damn hard to get ANYONE'S attention here lately, short of hopping up and down and waving and screaming at the top of my lungs.

Is there some sort of psychological ailment that involves being painfully quiet, because you don't want to rock the boat? I'm sure there is, if my shrink would return my calls....