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Monday, December 26, 2011

#221: Herbage and Verbage

"This job listing looks interesting. What do they do?"
"Grow Herbs."
"SERIOUSLY? I'd love that."
"It's hard manual labor. Lots of bending and digging things up and planting things."
"Yeah? That shouldn't be a problem. That's what I did in Co-op."
"It's also two hours from here, up in the mountains..."
"Great! Who do I call?"

So  I call the number on the form. And confuse the crap out of the owner.

"Did they tell you it was manual labor? Very dirty and time consuming?"
"Yes, Ma'am. It's what I went to school for..."
"Oh. Well, you still have to fill out a job application......" (Wait, what? This is supposed to be through the NCESC)
"Uhm...okay." So I give the woman my address, and Saturday it arrived in the mail.

Of course, the post office isn't open today, so I can't send it back yet. This would have been helpful to know BEFORE I drove to the post office for nothing. But it's perched on the passenger side seat of my car, all filled out and in an envelope ready to go. Think happy thoughts.

Yesterday was spent in quiet contemplation of all things. This is a nice way of saying "totally bored, because everything was CLOSED." The problem with being bored is that you don't know what to do about it. If you knew, you would go do it and not be bored.  I know, it was Christmas, what did I expect. It was made worse by the fact that our phone line was wonky again, making the internet  s l o w (or slower than usual, anyhow). The noise is still there today, but it's a bit better now, good enough for the internet to work.

This evening will be spent putting some of the decorations away. I've already gathered some of them up, so I don't forget and leave them out. Although the lights will probably remain up till new year's.

Here's hoping you folks had a good holiday! :)