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Monday, December 19, 2011

#218: Heathens' weekend

The sound of a car tires crunching gravel. We peer out a window, and there is a rather nice looking SUV parking behind Dent's car. We never get visitors here at the Technicolor Trailer™, unless it is someone who is lost or selling something. I poke my head out the back door just in time to catch sight of a well-dressed woman getting out, and then I knew.

Expensive SUV + Expensively clothed people = CHURCH FUNCTION.

Because apparently, nothing says "heathen" like a technicolor trailer back in the yonder woods, y'all. We get these "visits" at least once a year, and while I don't mind church, it kinda bothers me that you'd want me at *your* church. I mean, wouldn't I be there already if I wanted to go?

Fortunately I managed to catch this one before she got too far. "If this is for your church, we're not real interested today. But thank you anyway." See, I can be nice. The first time, anyway. It's when they start blathering on anyway that I start invoking four letter words and Satan and Cthulhu and all those other things people are afraid of.  She took the hint and got back into the car. Dent and I nervously watched her attempt to back up without hitting anything, and then they were gone.

The rest of Saturday was spent wandering about the Big Box Store™. We were trying to get everything out of the way so that we could avoid the place for the next few weeks. Wasn't as insane as it probably was the day after Thanksgiving, but it was still pretty crazy.

After that, it was off to the Hickory National Guard Armoury to help some local "rassler's" collect goodies and toys, and to set up the ring.

Sunday morning was spent in an area more insane than the Big Box Store™: Gastonia, NC. Harbor Freight Tools opened up a store, and since we've never been to one, it was time to see what the had. Dent was like a kid in a candy store. 

Then it was time for lunch. I must reveal here: Paninara Bread: Not a fan. The food was good, but not enough to charge THAT much for a sandwich. Next time it'll be Subway, where the bread might not be fancy but you can pick the goodies that go on top. ;)