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Saturday, December 17, 2011

#217: Statistically Speaking

One of the neat things on this site is being able to check the 'stats on this thing, and see who all is punishing themselves reading this 'blog. Some of the so-called "referring sites" that keep re-occurring have, to say the least, surprised me. This implies a few things:
Pocket Pirate says, "Arrr! Welcome! And be sure 
to use der coasterrrrs."

--Several people are repeat offenders (Hi, you crazy folks using the Russian search engine!!)

--Several people either think I'm funny enough to keep coming back, or they're giving their virtual buddies a virtual nudge and saying "Hey, look at this fool's retarded is this??" (Hi,!)

At any rate...I'm a tad confused. Which, for me, is pretty much the norm here at IAIA. But welcome anyhow. I'm leaving the comments open just this once, in case you want to introduce yourselves.... Or explain, what, precisely, keeps bringing you all back to me. Cause I need to know these things. While I don't care a whole lot about what folks may think of me personally, I like to keep what I write somewhat interesting, or at the least, amusing.

It's odd, really. I don't like the sound of my own voice, and really don't care to read the stuff I've written....yet someone out there apparently likes it enough to keep coming back.

You poor fools.

Still, thank you all, for a great year--here's hoping you can begin the next with
"Let the wild rumpus start!"


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