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Thursday, December 15, 2011

# 215: A rolling internet gathers no XXXXXXX

Quite an uproar today. It appears the government, in its infinite wisdom, thinks it can censor the internet. I'm still puzzling over this one, for a number of reasons.The biggest one being mainly:

We Are Not China.

Of course, when in cases like this, I invoke the Internetian Law Of Computing #1:

For Every Knee-Jerk Action, There Is A Hacker Reaction. (By which I mean: Expect to see rogue programs that "uncensor" the 'net for you. Coming soon, to a server near you. )

I'm also puzzled at the apparent need for censoring. If you don't like what it is you are looking at, can you not click on the 'x' up at the top? Or even better, install filtering software on your computer? And if it's the government that's trying to censor what it is you're seeing, how does that make us not similar to, say, Iran or some communist country (like the aforementioned China)?

Nah. This won't fly at all, at all.

Of course, someone attempted something like this a while back, and THAT turned out to be a hoax. Something about not drinking and 'surfing the information highway? This sounds just as retarded.

At any rate, I decided the moss growing in place of grass, behind the Technicolor Trailer, was in the wrong place, and so I moved it. And so now, I have a "moss garden". Or an attempt at one. Of course, it will probably die, most of it. But some of the rocks already had moss started, I figured, hey, why not help it along? It's been semi-warm these past few days (warm for December, that is). We'll see if any of it survives till spring.

I'm eagerly watching the mailbox, hoping they'll send that diploma soon. I'm not really holding my breath though; the "semester" isn't supposed to be considered ended until December 31st.... And then I'd imagine the diplomas are ordered from somewhere. Still, I wait and watch.

I also poked around the NCESC site this morning, to see what sort of jobs they had listed. One of the jobs was for "brand ambassador". Which is fancy for "pushes alcohol to potential vendors". $15/hr. And Alcohol. Where do I sign up? Hahahahaha. But seriously, folks.

I'm currently getting lessons in grieving. I have a cousin, and "I know you're hurting, trust me.... It never gets easier, but it DOES get better. I've been there.... one day at a time..." I don't know what else to tell him. Some people apparently don't like being consoled.... Maybe I care too much, I don't know.... Things will work out for him one way or another, I guess.

I leave you with this, it's the Technicolor Trailer at night. Shiny.