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Friday, December 9, 2011

#213: insert witty title here

So it's day #3, and Mr. Phone man is just *now* here to check out the "noise". Meaning of course they waited just long enough for the ground to dry out, and so naturally the loud annoying hum o'doom™ has disappeared back into the netherworld. I hate looking like a liar, even through the tech we talked to on the phone got to hear it for himself. Naturally, it was a different tech who came to see us. Back to square one.

Yesterday's Greenhouse exam went ok. A lot of the questions came straight off the midterm; it was a simple matter of remembering what I'd put the first time; whether I'd gotten it right; and correcting or writing accordingly. Fortunately, there were only a couple of "figuring" type problems. And nothing on the plant stuff we'd gone over. This puzzled me; we spent almost an hour discussing mums alone. Not really complaining though--who can remember all the fine details? That's what the internet and books are for-to look stuff up. After that came the "Party" they throw every year. I decided I wasn't feeling very sociable, and so I left. My last chapter test in math turned out to be an 87, which surprised me a lot. Statistics are friggin' CONFUSING to say the least.

The evening was spent poking around the Despot for more LED lights. Surprisingly, we were able to exchange the non-working set for another one. Even though they were bought last year, and I didn't have a receipt. I guess the cashier could tell we'd bought them there (the lights and reel they came on were very distinctive). All the same, I hope Ms. Cashier doesn't get in trouble for doing so; she was very nice. Dent also bought a 2nd set of lights. The rest of the evening was spent decorating the monstrosity that Dent brought home, with the lights, and every ornament I could find--including the ones on the "pepper" plant and 'Coon tree. It occurred to me decorating the rosemary may not have been the best of plans; sooner or later I would've had to water the thing, and that's a little hard to do with doodads hanging all over it, that you can't really get wet. This was OK; I found a different place to hang the pepper lights, too, and the rosemary plant is now happily on a stand in the kitchen where I can give her the light and attention she needs.

This evening, if Dent comes home in time, we can hang the other new set of lights outside and complete the Technicolor Trailer™. Coming soon, to a trailerpark near you. Now, what to do with the old lights that came with the tree....still musing over that one....

Today has been spent picking up the place. Picking up and putting away. It's time to reflect on some stuff. What have I accomplished this year? I survived the math class. Or to be more accurate, the instructor has, so far, survived having me in his class. I remembered I wanted to focus on something in particular this year, but I had to go back and find the 'blog entry to see what it was. Isn't that awful? Still, here it is: I was focusing on one word:


Did I manage to develop my own sense of grace? That sort of thing is hard to judge on yourself. Oh, I know some things. I have cried less, and gotten upset less about things that are not important. I'm still a bit loud and obnoxious in public--that is pretty much ingrained in me, and tough to change. Maybe one day I'll settle down and be like everyone else. Nahhh.

It's difficult to behave when things just strike you as funny. Seriously. Those folks in China are some real kidders. I got this mental image of Chinese factory workers making these, and laughing. "Up yours, Santa! [giggle]"

For the ones on your naughty list, I suppose.