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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#211: That 'gift horse' you were waiting for

Yeah. So the other day I was going on about *not* bothering with a full sized tree this year. I cleverly decorated my rosemary bush instead. This, along with my 2' "Coon tree" and I would've been completely happy this holiday season.

Instead, I get a text at 6:30 am yesterday, from Dent.

"We now have Christmas tree"


Dent's coworkers vary between the exceedingly stupid....and the exceedingly ignorant. Every once in a way they give him their cast-off stuff. Cause they think we are poor, or something. Most of the time it's clothes--this one fellow in particular gives him bags of stuff every spring and fall, half of it with the tags still on it. It's very nice, and I appreciate the thought--I DO wear some of it. The problem is, most of it is too big on *Dent*, much less me. And I likes me some stuff that's a little loose, so you know it's big when it's too big for even *me*. But I digress.

Apparently, one coworker's mum had replaced her Christmas tree, and needed a home for her old one. And couldn't be bothered to remove the lights. So I have just spent the last hour and a half removing the darn things (hard to check the wiring while it's on the tree). Of course, they couldn't of put the lights on the *normal* way, oh no. They were laid on the tips of the branches, with the tips of the branches *bent over* the wires to hold it in place. Which meant I spent the whole time untangling here, unbending there...and unplugging.

7 Goddamn sets of lights. All under 10'. Which aren't meant to be strung on a tree that size, or that many together. Good thing I looked.

So now I have a bunch of lights I need ideas for (Dent wants to get a loooong string of LED's, and these are indoor lights, so I can't decorate outside with 'em)

I know I shouldn't complain... but at the moment we have a 6' undecorated tree in the middle of the friggin living room I don't know what to do with (Dent will have to move the TV to put it in front of the window, I guess.)

Thanks for letting me rant.