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Monday, November 28, 2011

209: And now, for something completely different.

Now that the bit about Turkey Day is over, along with the serious business of keeping an 11 year old amused for a couple of days, it's time for me to think honestly and seriously about decorations for Christmas.

Oh, we have some lights up outside. And slowly, but surely, the interior decorations have slowly come together. I have my "coon tree", that I put up every year.

I also have my collection of "homemade" decorations. I'm not real good in the crafty department, but I do like to tinker with various materials to give the tree that "old timey" kind of look. Some folks would be calling me "cheap" right about now, but I can't help it--A lot of the stuff on the tree back home was made by mom, or us kids--so it's comforting to have stuff on your own tree that came from your own imagination rather than something that was cobbled together in a foreign country.

............But the question remained: To Tree, Or Not To Tree.

We'd gotten rid of our old tree last year; the branches looked weird and even after you "fluffed" them out it still looked wrong. But did we need to go out and get another tree this year, since the Megs wasn't joining us for Christmas?

Perhaps we could've gotten the real thing--there are plenty of folks selling "fresh cut", we passed several heading through the mountains. But I never liked the thought of killing a pretty fir tree just to have a temporary "pretty" in the living room. That left buying one you plant after the season was over. But the property isn't ours to just plant what we want on it; and while the landlady probably wouldn't mind, you still don't want to just go planting just any old thing.

When all else fails, you go to Wallyworld.

You folks may remember that I am attempting to collect Chili peppers for the kitchen. It just so happened Wallyworld has them--as Christmas lights.

Chili pepper lights + my rosemary plant = one original Christmas "tree".