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Friday, November 11, 2011

206: FUBAR

In the interest in having a technicolor trailer again at Christmas, yesterday afternoon was spent hanging lights, and looking to see what else we needed to get this bitch going. Dent came home and looked at my handiwork. As I predicted, his first words were, "needs more lights." Last year I had to talk him out of running them across the roof. "What, so the planes flying overhead get confused and land in our yard?" One of these days.

I took some "net" lights and wrapped them around a couple of upside down tomato cages, in the dark it looks like a little lit up tree. Hey, it's "Upcycling". Or something.

Yeah. So we were checking out the Home Depot last night, scoping out the Christmas lights (LED rocks!!). Down one of the handtool aisles we came across something called a "functional Utility Bar". HD, the same folks who brought us the "LOL Rug", made another funny.

So just how much is it to get your FUBAR on at the Home Depot?

About 30 dollars.

"Xtreme" FUBAR, at that.

I know what *I* want in my Christmas stocking.

Happy Veteran's Day.

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