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Thursday, October 6, 2011

So how messed up was Salvador Dali?

It took 50+ plus years for Di$ney to grow enough balls to finish the cartoon he started with them.

I have never really been "normal", so why not admire that which is as messed up as I am? Everyone has their idols...Dent has a thing for Tesla.... I think mine shall be Dali. Sure, why not. Melting clocks, and shit like that. Makes me wonder what else Di$ney has mouldering in their vaults......

In other news, this has been the Best. Week. EVAH. And it ain't Friday yet....... Not only did I do real well on both a chapter test AND the midterm in my math class, my other class got to take a field trip to Home Despot and look at some plants in their greenhouse (always a good thing, getting out of class to be somewhere else).


The Renaissance Faire opens this week in Charlotte. We're going with a couple of buds (we got a couple of "two for one" tix). Dent has promised me a turkey leg. Or at least, a mug. Hellyeah!


Next week is Fall Break--no class Monday, Tuesday OR Wednesday. Meaning I have class only on one day next week. 6 day weekend, hellyeah! It will be hard to go back after that.


My 200th post is coming up, folks! Hopefully I can come up with something EPIC (or at least, less lame than usual!)

(Oh, and R.I.P. to Steve Jobs--I don't do the Apple thing much, but I was sad to hear he was gone.)

Catch ya on the flip side!