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Monday, October 17, 2011

Skool Daze, Skool Daze....

So Saturday morning, it was time to be up and moving.... It was my turn to drive, so off we went in the Kia. Since it was after noon, there was time to check and see if Mr. Mailman brought us any goodies (or at least, something other than bills! lol)

To my surprise, I received a letter from the school..... I'm still scratching my head. Man, you Phi Theta Kappa folks must REALLY want my $60 .... you wrote me yet another letter! And this time you *actually used my name* instead of a generic "dear Student" like you did last time. Unfortunately, you didn't make your case sound any better than the first letter you sent me. I'm getting....what? The chance to tell folks, "YAY! I'm part of the 'Geek Squad' for Community Colleges! Oh, and I paid $60 to be able to put it on my college transcript--except I'm not transferring but I just had LOADS of money to throw away...." Ppppbt. For you folks who are thinking this sounds awfully familiar, it is--and I'm beginning to think these folks are a cult, with all the fun fun fun of Amway. "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE." Blah.

Of course, perhaps the heads of the school could take some smarts from these people.... CVCC has decided, in its INFINITE wisdom, to do away with the ID cards (which have your photo on them) and issue instead a DEBIT CARD through a credit card company. Sure, I want a new card that has no image of me whatsoever, attached to an account that anyone can pretty much hack into. I've taken the liberty of scanning mine. (of course, I've removed the numbers off of it; no sense tempting fate)
I simply chose not to activate the card. I would rather any refunds be sent directly to me. Yes, it's a hassle going to the bank--but if I have it in my hot little mitts, I know where it's at--and if it got lost or stolen, there's a paper trail that can be followed. And since it's been issued by a credit company--are you crazy? Why give them that info??

Not everyone, however, stopped to think on the fine print. While I don't blame him for being angry, it's the card company sending the junk mail and spam emails--not the school.

still trying to think of something EPIC to post--next one is the big one.... ;)

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