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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sonic, 7:30 P.M.

Yeah, so the Dent and I stopped off at the Sonic the other night for some munchies......

Shortly after we arrived, a redneck-looking fellow across the way decided it was time to go. He cranked up his oversized pickup and reversed, and headed on his way. But not before stopping at the curb to dispose of his garbage. I watched, openmouthed, as he managed to get bag after bag across the spaces into the garbage can. But one bag bounced off the rim and landed on the ground.

Here it comes, I thought, fully expecting him to drive off, leaving the offending garbage on the ground.

But no--he actually put the redneck mobile in park, got out of the truck, and put the trash in its proper place.

After this, he revved his honky tonka and got the heck outta there, with much squealing of tires.

I was impressed--not at the show--but that he was brought up to put the garbage where it is supposed to go--not just fling it out the window like an ape tossing poo.

My faith in humanity is (somewhat) restored.

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