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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mistaken Identity.

So when I brought home this little guy from the dollar store a couple of weeks ago, I remembered thinking it was cute, and that it reminded me of someone. It took me a while to figure out just who it reminded me of. Stick with me here.

For you folks who don't bother with the free, locally broadcasted "digital" channels, this may sound a bit odd. All the channels have the main channel, and the alternate ones. We have a 3.1, and a 3.2, for example. The local NBC station has a 36.1, and a 36.2. The 36.2 runs "crafty" or "educational" stuff.... Evenings it's mainly cooking shows.
And this is where the goat comes in.

Weekday evenings here, they run a little show called "Mexico: One Plate At A Time". It's run by a little fellow who goes by the name Rick Bayless.

Who, as you may notice, looks a bit like the goat.

What, you don't see it? Those googly eyes, the chin whiskers? That ruffled hair?

Don't they eat goat in Mexico? Wait.

*sigh* We really MUST get cable, someday.