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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yes, I'm still here.

You'd think with all that technologially technical crap that's out there, hackers would have better things to do than pick on an innocent lil girl who's stuck on dial-up. I mean really. There ARE much much bigger things you can get into. Nonetheless, I seem to have picked up some sort of bug that doesn't like the internet. Which is where I've been the last week or so--not because the computer isn't working, but because I can rarely get online, without getting to a webpage, and then get booted off. All under 5 minutes.

So I did a boot scan and it came back with "win32:killapp-w".

Uhm. Okay. Yeah, that figures.

It's kind of working now, although I am still getting kicked off a bit much.

I guess I'll have to use the school computers, if I want to do any serious searching or writing.

Stay tuned.