Because bad taste is better than no taste at all.....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Because I'm going to hell anyway.

Now, before you tell me what a big fat hypocrite I am, allow me to explain: I still hate facebook and think it's what Satan uses. However: you all brought me to this. Why, you ask? Because there was no other way of getting in touch with you all. You hide your email addresses, or change your names, whatever. If you send me a friend request, let me in on who you are. okay?
Now, on with the show.

In case it's a little hard to see, the packaging reads "BIG AZZ". Yes. Yes it is. Dent is holding up a lighter to show you how big that azz really is.

We found this at Tractor Supply, where I suspect the motto is "Rednecks? We got that." They had all sorts of farm stuff and assorted odds and ends. What we were really looking for, however, was lawn mower parts. Which they only had a few. I guess since this was "tractor supply" and not "lawnmower supply" it had to be kinda limited.

After that, we went to Northern Tool, whose motto, no doubt, is "Rednecks R' Us". I kinda wonder if they and T.S. aren't the same company. They had a lot of the same crap, and very little of what one needs for a riding lawn mower.

Finally, Friday was a blast.... I managed to keep the Dent guessing on his birthday. He came home, thinking I'd baked him a cake. Wellllll...yes.... But not in the way he'd expected.....
A shiny lil dragon. With sprinkles.

Happy Birthday, Dent! :)