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Thursday, May 12, 2011

random Thursdays

So here in IAIA we've discovered an AWESOME place to get ice cream. It's run by a local couple out of a tiny little store about 15 minutes from here.

Dent looks good enough to eat, doesn't he? Kinda fruity with nuts in top?

As I sit at the computer desk and fold yet another Mt. Everest of tighty whities, I ponder about stuff. I have realized I've been recycling all this time, and not even known it! No, I'm not talking about bottles and cans, although I do recycle those--I'm talking about the ordinary household appliances in the home--I apparently make them do double duty.

(heh heh heh. I said 'duty'. Ahem.)

Here's a list of stuff I do, see how many you do, too.

*Washing machine ---------------------> doubles as a dirty clothes hamper.
*Clothes Dryer --------------------------> doubles as a clean clothing storage apparatus.
*Oven (if it's been on recently) -------> doubles as a baking pan drying rack (prevents the baking pans from rusting!)
*Fridge ----------------------------------->doubles as a "school experiment storage unit" (I.E. I keep seeds in the freezer, and if anyone needs some mold, let me know! hahahaha)
*Meg's Closet ---------------------------> doubles as a storage unit. Why pay $28/month when you can cram everything into a 3X7 closet?

Oh, and apparently Ronald McDonald is planning on revamping ALL of his fast food restraunts. They're going to take out the fiberglass tables, and get *wooden* chairs. I'm sorry, if you put lipstick on a pig, is it not still a pig?

And what's up with the goat?

This is "Utz Pub Mix'", found at the local wallyworld. That goat is having an altogether too good a time. Somehow I doubt the goat will eat rye chips, but you never know.


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