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Monday, May 9, 2011

new "pet".

Those who know me pretty well know that, in addition to finding a lot of four leaf clovers, I find a lot of other things that people leave behind. I have found things as varied as a bracelet, to a perfectly good fire extinguisher, or once, a tablecloth that had blown out of someone's car. I have even found money occasionally, although it's never been more than $5, and the instances here lately have been mostly pennies, as I guess folks tend to keep a tighter grip on their money nowadays.

And there are the things that I pick up and ask, "WTF is this supposed to be?" I found this Friday afternoon in a parking lot. It looked like something that'd guard a laptop computer, so that's where I put him.

Now, before you tell me it's a pegasus, check out the head on this thing. It's a dragon's head, not a horses'. The other side simply reads "china", which leads me to believe it's some sort of chinese mythical monster.

Or, maybe, the workers at the chinese critter factory were all sniffin' cadimum and lead.
You never know.



  1. I'd leave a comment but you don't approve half of them so it's a waste of my time.

    Young people think they know it all when they have to much to learn.

  2. Go back and look at what you tried to post on Mother's day. It was totally innappropriate--I don't give a rat's ass about your mother being a drunk or about your family. Mother's day will always be a special day for me, and no stupid shit *you* choose to make as a comment will change that.

    It is my perogative to approve or delete comments other people make. That's what the approval process is for.

    If you don't like it, don't comment. Or better, email it to me instead of trying to kill the "buzz" on my posts.

    I believe the phrase "fuck off" comes in here.


  3. Um, it looks like a Pokemon to me. Yes, I've been playing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Pokemon Black. I am seeing Golurks in my sleep.


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