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Friday, May 6, 2011

Little. Girlie. Arms.

So here I am, at 7 in the morning, at a complete stranger's house. There was all sorts of activity going on around me--trucks being backed up to trailers, weed-eaters being loaded. I was assured this happens "every morning", and so I just stood back and took it all in. Finally, it was time to head out.

First stop: some dude's yard.

In case you hadn't figured it out by now, I was tagging along with a lawncare crew. Keeping in mind I have never done this before in my entire life. My last experience with mowing the lawn occurred when I was about 11 or 12, and involved my dad's riding mower. I remember attempting to mow the pasture so that Dad could start placing the fence posts... It didn't work too well because the pasture was chock full o' really big rocks that made a horrendous noise whenever the mower ran over them. Pretty scary stuff when you're 11 or 12. But I digress.

I was told this job involved "hard work". Well, yes. You're outside all day lugging stuff that's pretty heavy, lots of walking, and during the summer it gets really hot. My last job had all that, except it was inside--so I felt pretty confident that, once I got into the swing of things, it would be--well, not easy, but, at least it'd be bearable.

First I was handed a string trimmer....which was longer than I am tall. (remember this in a minute) I was told in order to use it as an edger, to hold it straight up, and walk backwards with it. Uhmmm. Okay. And here is where the trouble came in, right off the bat.

Of all the problems I could imagine, it never even crossed my ever-lovin' mind that I'd have this one.

And how does one start a weed-eater? By the pull string.
And how does one pull the string? With at least a few arm muscles. Or at least leverage.
And what does yours truely NOT have?

Arm muscles. Or leverage (remember, the trimmers are longer than I am tall....)

So the rest of the day, someone would have to start the trimmers and backpack blowers for me. Not good.

Needless to say, by the end of the day I had to tell them thank you for letting me try things out, but that they'd be better off with someone who already knows what they're doing.

Or at least, someone who doesn't have little girly arms.

Paging Ahhhnold.

.............Back to the drawing board.............


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  1. And after using a trimmer for a while your hands start turning numb.

    Girl, you need a job on an electric start riding mower, on smooth ground of course.

    And you should work at getting some power in your body, I know women that can work right along outside with me.


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