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Monday, April 4, 2011

The sounds of the season.

Ahh yes. The sounds that tell me Spring is fast approaching--the happy little tree frogs chuurping away down at the creek. The rumble of approaching thunder (Yeah, I really ought to turn off the computer and unplug it. But not yet--not until I can get to fully load). There's the whistling of the little birdies coming back as if by magic.

And of course, there's the rattling of the refrigerator.

No, I'm not kidding.

When it gets above a certain temperature outside, the fridge makes this tinny rattling sound. This sound only goes away if you happen to have an inside temp of about 75 or so. It stops rattling when you open the door for a moment. Dent noticed it this afternoon, although I had to remind him it did this last summer, too.

So naturally, while Dent was looking up car repair and math instructional DVD's online (yes, we're nerds, yes we are) I had the flashlight out, and was looking under the fridge hoping it was nothing more than something stuck in the fan.

And as I suspected, nothing is ever that simple with me. Or that easy. Two different things, those are.

It was difficult to see under the fridge, both because of the lack of light and because I had never cleaned under it. So you could have made a fluff monster out of the fuzz I pulled out. It looked like it'd been snorting the lint trap from the dryer. I ain't kiddin'.

Dent wandered into the kitchen, and somehow we got on the subject of cleaning under the fridge while growing up. I remembered the time, while I was a little one, ours had stopped working. I remember my dad unplugging it, and taking the grille from the back, to discover the fan had something caught in it. Like, a dead mouse? At least I think that's what it was, it was a lump of fur and two little pink ears.

Dent and I looked at each other. Then we looked at the fridge.

...................So here we were, a thunderstorm fast approaching.....fridge pulled out from the wall.....unplugged....grille (or in this case, piece of cardboard--they don't make grilles like they used to) taken off the back....vacuum cleaner at the ready, all set to hose out all that fuzz that was no doubt clogging up the machine.

Oh, we found something all right.

Trouble is, we're not sure what it was. I could see a tiny piece of backbone, and LITTLE BROWN FEATHERS.

Uhm, okay.

 How did a BIRD get under our fridge?

More importantly, how long had it been there?

After disposing what was "leftover" (sorry), we cleaned out the back fairly well. Then we plugged the fridge back in, pushed it back by the counter where it was, opened up the door, and turned it back on.

At first.....nothing but the hum of the motor.

Then... raaaaaaaaattttttttlllleeeeee......


Well, it was a nice thought. And at least the fridge breathes easier.

If anyone else has this problem, let me know. Hell, for all we know there could be a whole nest in there, although why you only hear it when it gets hot outside, I haven't a clue.



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