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Friday, April 22, 2011

Somebunny loves you.

This just in: It's ok to buy your little girls dolls that look like hoochiemammas. No, really. The federal court has decided Bratz are NOT a copy of Barbie. No. Say it isn't so.

Of course, this would have been more of an issue had we all realized it WAS an issue to begin with. What, was there a doubt?

Personally, I never bought into any of that crap. I didn't feel EITHER brand was a good example for kids--on the one hand, you have skinny, perfect Barbie, who apparently has EVERYTHING she wants, and gets EVERYTHING she wants. ("....In the divorce, all of her stuff, and half of Ken's..." runs the joke). On the other hand, you have slutty looking dolls with big feet, big pouty lips (which is NEVER a good look, IMO), and attitudes to match. But anyway. On to other things.

This week has been nothing if not hectic. There's exams to study for, projects to finish...job applications to fill out...mayhem to cause. Things to break. You know. The normal "end of semester" crap. I'm saddened to be coming to the end of Co-op--it was a blast to do, and folks tell me it's the best the greenhouse has looked the best it has "in a long time" (which I took as someone trying to be nice, cause it didn't look THAT bad to begin with, just unorganized).

Occasionally, when I'm feeling...emotional....(read: PMS)I'll dig up the lyrics to songs. Yeah, I post those too. GUILTY AS CHARGED.

But then I realized you might not know the song whose lyrics I've managed to swipe copy borrow off of the 'net. So here's one I managed to find. There's no actual video for it; I don't think Rush ever officially released it. But some kind soul posted the song anyway... Try not to cry when you listen to it.

We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost....

If my posts are a bit scattered in the coming weeks, chalk it up to change.

I love you all.

Happy Easter/Ostera/Spring
And have a good weekend!

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