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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saddened, with a side order of marinara

So like a lot of folks out there in unemploymentland, I have been hoping to pick up a summer job... I have registered with several job sites, who delight in sending me "openings in your area!" emails (which amount to spam, as 95% of them are in *Charlotte*, 40+ miles away). I tried several old leads. No response from any of 'em. No surprise there. And if you think I'm going back to my previous job, you are friggin' insane, even if they would hire me back.

So I did what a lot of folks have done: thought back. "What was my first paying job?" I will here reveal it was at a Sbarro's down by the beach... So naturally I looked them up. I hadn't gotten a response from them, either, and chalked it up to either not really hiring, or just hadn't gotten to it. Until I found this article.


Yet another example, apparently, of the higher-ups getting greedy and spoiling the barrel for the rest of the apples.

.......Anyone out there want a part-time gal to weed your lawn, let me know.....


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  1. Go to Home Depot, tell them that you'll buy a good riding mower if they'll give you a year to pay it off interest free. I'm pretty sure they will agree with that, they did when I bought my wood splitter.

    Then get your ass busy mowing lawns, you look pretty damn good on a mower anyway.


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