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Monday, April 18, 2011


[v. oh-ver-lohd; n. oh-ver-lohd]
–verb (used with object)
1. to load to excess; overburden
2. an excessive load.
1545–55; over- + load

God, man... For cheaper than the cost of replacing your suspension, you coulda rented a U-Haul.
Here lately, I have gotten in the habit of having the camera ready even before I take the car out of "park".  I never got closer to this loser, due to the traffic in front of me. But it's just as well; you never know when that washing machine will decide to take a tumble off the tailgate.

I've also found living proof that Hicksville truely is redneck country. With high-tech rednecks.

Dent: "Where's the rest of the truck? Wow, they did a good job
on the cami! I can't even tell it's there!"

Uhm, yeah. I wonder if I should submit these to "You Drive What?"


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  1. Um, got some redneck in me. A half ton truck isn't loaded unless it's got 3000 pounds on it. I'll help you with the math, it's a ton and a half.

    No shit, hauled that much on my half ton almost everyday when I lived in Utah and packed 300 gallons of water home most days.

    The 3/4 ton I moved here with had extra springs and a 4.11 rear end, that bitch could pack my 11.5 foot camper and a big trailer like she was on a picnic, and she still lives just a half block away.

    She hauls two to three tons of scrap iron all the time, she fucking rocks.

    But new trucks, yeah, some of them are pussies, got the guts in the engines but the suspensions suck.


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