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Friday, March 25, 2011

We are the (internet) world

So last night we happened on a commercial for some T.V. special they recently filmed (it was like "All Togther Now" or some crap like that.).

Dent: "All together for what?"
Me: "I'm assuming it's got something to do with Japan, since they've already done the 'we are the world' remake thing for Haiti. "

Yeah. That "we are the world" thing. I refuse to listen to the remake simply on principle. I mean, REALLY. This ranks up there with Elton John writing a song for Marilyn Monroe, no wait, it was Princess Diana.

Both. Can we say "lazy"?

At any rate, I had to look up the original. I do that occasionally, to remind myself what these people used to look like. One of my biggest grumbles nowadays is that few people remember what Lional Ritchie looks like, and that he was once a part of a lil group called the "Commodores". Mostly folks today associate him with his "daughter" Nicole, who hangs with the Hilton whore girl.
But I digress. How many folks do you remember from this video?

Obviously, there's the ones who kinda stand out: MJ and Janet (and big sister Latoya, in the front row). Hall and Oates. Cindi Lauper. And don't forget Willie Nelson, who managed to show up and not look stoned.

Is it any wonder one gets a sense of nostalgia from this video?

See, Mr. Music Exec: People are going to buy your fancy-assed "remake" because they feel sorry for the folks you are claiming you're helping with the money. Not because they like you or the version of the song.

You want to make some *real* money, come up with something original.

All Together Now.
"Heyyyyyy Macarena (Aiiiight!)"

Had to cover up the plants in the garden last night. It dropped to just above freezing.... I didn't like the idea of draping a sheet over everything, especially since the plants in question were like only a couple of inches. Plastic covers?

It just do happens we have a bit of a collection of small, plastic grocery bags. Recycling! ha hahaha.

So overnight, we had plastic bags "growing" in the garden.

(Dent: "You know how hard it is to grow them things?? You need special seeds...")

Anyway.... Waiting on the warmth to come back. Cause those grocery bags don't grow themselves.


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  1. I don't want to be part of the world, too fucking many assholes in it. And whores like Hilton.


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