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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Uhm..yeah. So how is that IADD thing working out for you??

So here I am on Friday morning, all set to put up that whole "week in review" like I do every week, had it partially finished Thursday, and then I get distracted. Giving the folks off Friday is what CVCC laughingly calls "spring break" (we had Thursday, too, but that was a snow make up day). Needless to say when I got to the school, no one was there. But the work for the Co-op students was left for us, and it was there that I got distracted. More on this further on. First, the video I was planning on posting. It's an oldie but goodie, and reminds me of all the FUN stuff I used to do in the SCA, before it all turned into the "my pavilion is more period than your pavilion" crap that it is today. At least around here, anyhow.

Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, they're no friends of mine... FRAINCAIS!

Since you all have been so patient this week, I'm going to throw in a couple extra days worth of "stuff you don't give a shit about but you're reading it anyhow". At any rate, not much to report this week, I guess I'm getting boring. Don't worry though. It won't last. Spring show is coming up! Lots to do, pictures to take, plants to pamper!


I learn, much to my chargrin, there are "blog police",  and Boy Are They Pissed. Or pissy, one of the two.  Guess what? I can be pissy, too.

The fine folks at Wait in the Van post a video for Our Amusement--check it out if you haven't already.


Tuesday involves much watering and feeding and loving on the plants in the greenhouse. It also involves much rabid guarding of the key.... Are you the doorkeeper? [/Ghostbusters reference] Dent is off work Tuesday and Wednesday, and so he comes along to pester the crap out of everyone, and take dibs on certain people.

I clean out the fountain in the greenhouse (again). It wasn't as bad this time round: I got smart and bailed the water out rather than using the pump (which would have taken 2 hours lol). I guess this will have to be a "every month or so" kind of thing, at least while I'm doing the co-oping.


Dent stops by to "tape up" the window to the door that we will soon be having to paint.  I am curious about this, as they're being stored in the greenhouse.  Paint + plants = not a good idea.  We'll be opening ALL the doors and giggling at the paint fumes. 


Adding insult to confusion, today is a "snow make up day", so instead of going to a Thursday class, it's off to the Monday one. But said class is only 30 minutes long, due to the fact that less than 15 people showed up, and the instructor didn't feel like hanging out the whole 2 hours just to talk about wildflowers.


Here's the distraction: trying to paint a BLUE door (and shutters)  RED. Painting WOOD siding "sawdust" (looks cream colored to me) And all this in 50 degree weather, trying to beat the incoming rain. We manage, but wooo, it was scary watching the siding "dry", as it dried in patches.


"You want me to wake up at WHAT time?" I take Dent to work at 6:00 A.M. This is to screw with his co-workers, who aren't smart enough to figure out how he got to work without his car. "Duh. I walked." After picking him up, it's back to the school, to tape up windows (after having been told we didn't need to, someone changed their mind-- DUH again).  I spot-water individual trays that need it, and then it's off to the Wallyworld for lunch where we make snide remarks about the "winners" who cruise through the door (Micky D's is right inside). The rain has picked up somewhat, and you know the worse the weather the stupider people get in their cars. It was time to go home.


It apparently rained SO hard last night, the earthworms attempted to find higher ground--they were crawling up the house. I rescued some and put them in a dry spot, to either wiggle away or get eaten by birds (see, they are some use!) Rain appears to be breaking up this afternoon. Good thing; I didn't have enough wood to build an ark.

Leaving you this week with the first camilla of the season! He appeared on our lil tree this week and I was so happy, out came the camera. Spring is here almost! Yay!

Ain't it PURTY??

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  1. Blog police? Fuck, they must all be hanging out at the donut shop considering all the things I've blogged about and said over the years.

    A few fruitcake christians have even tried to get me kicked off of Blogspot but I'm still here.


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