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Saturday, March 12, 2011

STV, and the (wild) week in review.

I thought perhaps this time round, I'd go for a more recent tune. I don't know what it is about these folks--maybe it's the beat. Anyhow, I don't know if the costumes are supposed to be steampunk or just Victorian. Either way, so Yeah, we're going down...

And now, some other stuff, just in case you want to keep reading.

Monday afternoon consisted of putting a second coat of green paint on a door. I admit, I was a little skeptical.  Under normal light in the greenhouse, it resembled something left in a diaper. Baby poo green. Here it is, with the windows taped up in blue painter's tape (a big thank you for Dent for coming out and taping the window)

We also painted trim, as well as the window and other bits and pieces that needed touching up.

The other side of the door is a red color--as the folks doing the "front yard" went to NC State. (BOOOOOOOOO! lol) They also got the matching shutters.


Tuesday involved selecting plants that were to go--admittedly not a lot that I had cared for in the greenhouse got the "green thumbs up" (lol again).  The instructor got some things from a nursery up the road, and we organized stuff, and it was placed in the greenhouse ready to be loaded up Wednesday


Wednesday morning I got to cut out of class to help load small trailers with garden show stuff. There was a rush, as it was raining. We were allowed inside to begin the set-up at 1 P.M. and chaos ensued.
First there was a wall to be built. Here are some folks fitting in the door and the window.  Growing Edge is the company who will be using the other side of the wall, and it was they who put their siding up first (as it wasn't painted, so they weren't worried about damaging it)

I'm not sure what was up with all the "spots" (some folks believe they're ghosts, or whatever--maybe.)

Once they figured out where the door would fit into the wall, it was time to put the door back into the framework so that it could be put into the wall. To avoid idiots walking through it (and to keep it from swinging open while the wall was being lifted) the door was bolted shut. Here we see some folks deciding which side should go in where. 

In the meantime, someone on a forklift began bringing in pallets and pallets of pavers, some of those pavers weighed 50 lbs (or more) each. Time to bring out the gloves!

We got the door and siding fitted onto the "wall"......
.............And after much discussion, it was time to stand that sucka up. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this, as I got lassoed into helping. But if you've ever seen a "Barn Raisin'", you can imagine what it must have been like.  10 or so people on each side holding up a wall, while a couple of people scurried around putting on bracing and stacking block for a "foundation" for our "house."  We managed to get it standing, without it falling and squishing anyone. 
After this, it was time to put up the siding on our side of the wall. Once that was up, it was time to start laying pavers and the "steps" that came off the back door.... The walkway kinda went from one booth to the next, so it was only a matter of matching up the pattern with everyone elses'.  Some folks also helped at other people's booths, carrying stuff for people and putting pavers down where they needed it. Cause we're just cool like that.
Wednesday evening involved building an arbor. Well, I didn't build it, but I helped move it. It was huge. It was carried (one of us to each post) over to the wall, where it was fastioned to it with screws. So the wall was a little more stable. And our "back yard" was almost complete.

Thursday I was there early, if not necessarily bright, at 8 a.m.. There was odds and ends that needed touching up with the paint, and I did my darnest not to get it on the block (which is loaned to us), or the floor (the convention center folks are real particular about their cement floors)
After that was done, the steps were adjusted, and the real fun began. The patio was a series of small pavers laid out in a circular pattern.  Fortunately it comes as a kit, and they give you a diagram to follow. Here is the (almost finished) display. I didn't get a picture of it completely finished, but I will before it's taken down. We added a couple of trellis' to the ends, as well as some outdoor wall art.
While some folks did the patio, a few folks went across the way to help set up the instructor's booth. He's got his own landscaping buisness. We had to get an arbor done for him as well, and a small wall to set in front of the plants.

And we have spots on this picture, too... Obviously "someone" liked the design! lol


Friday morning we showed up at the convention center at 9:30 to make the "flower beds" pretty with pinestraw (I hate that crap, gets everywhere). We scurried around sweeping, putting up some porch lights, and just getting stuff together before the doors opened at noon. I was there till about 6:30 or so, so you can imagine how tired I was when I got home.

We hope you enjoyed our little tour--now come out and be sure to say hello! The show runs today and tomorrow, 10 till 6 today and noon till 7 Sunday.

See you there!



  1. I've seen all that shit so many times that I have no reason to see more of that shit. :-)

  2. Ah, the little pleasures in life, I'm enjoying corn beef and cabbage farts.


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