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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seen @ Ace Hardware

For you folks out there who already  know what a "pellet smoker" is, you can skip the next bit and head straight for the picture. For the folks who don't: a pellet smoker works like a grill, except instead of wood chips or charcoal, you insert these little wood pellets into a chamber, which is moved into where the fire is.  Most of the time, I don't pay much attention to these things, they look pretty much like a standard smoker or grill you find at Wallyworld.... But we went to Ace yesterday, and I caught sight of....well.... you're just gonna have to look for yourself.

.............Are you ready for this?

...............Are you sure? Okay then. But you might want to set down the beer or whatever, cause when you see this, you'll be doing a spittake.

oink, muthafucka!
 This little piggy said, "WTF, man? I thought we were friends?"

THIS is my best side...
 But wait, it gets even better....

Note how the tail doubles as a cord-holder. 
Admit it, you want one.

[ahem]. Moving on, now....

nice place to visit, but you wouldn't of wanted to live here.
Here is the finished "house" from the garden show last weekend, shortly before it was taken down. I admit I am STILL not sure about the color of that door.  The lights and the arbor made it look darker, thank goodness. A couple of folks actually said they liked it.  Personally, I think it was a miracle neither the wine glasses nor the bottles (which hadn't even been opened) got  smashed on the floor the whole weekend.  I was extremely nervous about the lights, too, which were loaned to us (the larger one was almost $400 *by itself!!*)

Next, you may be interested to know our "bucket garden" is now up. We have several different kinds of tomatoes, as well as a few different kinds of peppers. There isn't much to see yet, but rest assured once those lil buggers start growing, you'll see more than plastic buckets. The little green one on the end has a potato that I cut up; it was sprouting on the kitchen counter so I thought, why not?


We have also started a bit of a "punkin patch" out back, although only a couple of the plants are pumpkins. The rest are watermelons, and the tomatoes and peppers that wouldn't go in the buckets.  It isn't much to look at yet, either, although the little green thing in the corner is a pumpkin plant saying, "YES! At last!"

Finally I leave you with this image.  This says "spring", right here:  Dock plants, chickweed, and the first four leaf clover of the season! Actually, I think there are two in this picture, there's one down in the corner, do you think?

Catch you on the flipside!


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