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Friday, February 11, 2011

STV Fridays, and the week in review.

The first time I heard this song on the radio, I about died laughing--The editing that the folks had put in to make this song playable on the radio consists of blowing horns, farty noises and the like. So I did some searching for the unedited song and found it.

Not QUITE as funny, but the song makes a helluva more sense now.

I dedicate this song to all my ex's (who don't all live in Texas)

And now, the week in review.


I awake to find all my little sprouties on the kitchen table waving at me. I'm excited until I realize I was too stupid to label what was what; so all I know is one tray is "Peppers" and one is "tomatoes". We'll see when they get big enough to grow something other than leaves on them.


Half the parking lot is reserved for folks from the United Way. As I left Tuesday afternoon the sheriff was waving people into said parking spaces, and well-dressed folks got out of nice cars, making me question whether or not the United Way REALLY needs money.

Got to squeeeeeze in a little extra work Tuesday, Prof wasn't here due to illness, so instead we were assigned to go to a home improvement store and look at pesticide labels and answer questions. I do this, and turn around to find several employees staring at me. Apparently, I look shifty.


This morning's class involved meeting at the OTHER home improvement store, to look at houseplants. Then we wandered over to the mall to look at more. These were sickly and half of them were fake. Obviously the management doesn't think much of interior type plants other than as dust collectors.

The forecast is for "one to two inches" of snow. We either get more or less, so to be on the safe side I park the car at the end of the road. Just in case I need to go somewhere.


I awake to a sprinkling of white powdery stuff. It reminds me of flour.... I don't know whether I'm dissappointed that it didn't snow 3', or happy that it didn't. Either way I'm stuck going to school. Well, stuck not really a good word to use; I like school. I hitch a ride up to my car when Dent leaves for work.

Thursday involved cleaning out the little pond-thing in the greenhouse. Again. I keep telling them that it's futile to clean it out, when the fig tree wants to drop leaves in it and there's no pump re-circulating the water. I finish sometime in the afternoon, covered in dirt, mud, and rotten leaves, and smell like old aquarium. My "help" (note the quotation marks) convienently find excuses to leave right at the point it's time to start cleaning the thing out. Oh well. Makes me look better anyhow. Or at least, makes me look unafraid to get dirty.


Well, I'll be honest, I typed this post yesterday afternoon before I left school. So I have no clue what's going on today. But I'll give you all a lil update when I get home from school. I might even post some pictures from the "blizzard" the other morning.

Enjoy the video! And the weekend, if I don't see you again today!

Aye, Scratch

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  1. lol - F... You is old news.

    For the religious amoungst you, it shalle be renamed."Go Forth and Multiple...You" ;-)


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