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Friday, February 25, 2011

STV, and the week in review.

The rapidly changing events this week call for a suitably changable song.  There were several that immediately came to mind; there was The Scorpion's Wind of Change, and Styx's Something to Believe In.  I also considered Rob Thomas'  Let's See How Far We've Come. But after some consideration, this song came to light. Even though the events have come and gone, the sentiment has remained the same, even 22 years later.

I give you..............Billy Joel.

At the rate folks are covering and re-hashing old tunes, I wouldn't be surprised if ol' Billy didn't re-release this, with updated lyrics.

And now, on with the show.........


The Hicksville Police department prove they don't ALL have their heads up their collective asses, by finally arresting the suspected murderer of her own stepdaughter. We here in Badhairland think this is awesome. But if  you totally want to prove you AREN'T wearing your asses for hats, please arrest the father, too.

It was discovered more things were missing from the greenhouse, mainly a student's flat of tomato seedlings (which is stupid; they weren't large enough to transplant outside yet.)


Today's work included transplanting the "babies" from plants that are called (no lie) "Pregnant Onion". They grow little "bulbs" under the skin, making it look like it's got a baby bump.


FIELD TRIP!  We visit a nursery I hadn't seen before. They had all sorts of awesome plants. It's pretty crazy when the greenhouse is larger than the store.

I am also made aware that there is apparently a super secret (well, not really) society for nerds and yours truely is invited.  All I gotta do is send in $60 and get stuff that one can get for free through the college. Am I smart? Smart enough to know a stupid idea when I read one.

(Note: I found out later other folks in my classes were also invited, and a member reveals that it's probably better if I "keep that $60".  I don't feel so weird about it, now.)


I arrived at school and had to console a student who was unable to check her seedlings in the greenhouse--because someone FINALLY got smart and locked said greenhouse when the school is closed.  Instructor arrived shortly after, and revealed where I might find the key should he be ill and not be able to come in one day.

It was also decided the front greenhouse wasn't getting enough light, and mayhem ensued with students up on ladders, sticking out the ceiling vents, whilst another student was outside on the ground level...they were wrapping the sunshade around a series of PVC pipes, all connected together to make one looooong pipe. I am reminded of Daffy Duck: "What a way to run a railroad!" Surprisingly, no one got hurt.

My work today consisted of.... WASHING A DOOR.  Yes, you read that correctly. Along with a window, and a pair of plastic shutters. It seems this year's display at the garden show will involve looking like the front porch of a house. The door and shutters will have to be re-painted, but in the mean time the things were FILTHY. I don't mind cleaning, but I couldn't help thinking I was whitewashing a fence. I want my dead rat, with a string to swing it by...


Today's task involves marigolds.... apparently there's some that have sprouted in the greenhouse, and need to be transplanted to flats... We'll see how that turns out.

I may also possibly be cleaning out that pond with the waterfall. Again. Ick.

In the meantime, a hopeful picture:

Hang in there! Spring in coming!
 Have a good 'un!

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  1. I want my dead rat, with a string to swing it by...

    Rick trapped a rat that was living in his shop a few years ago, we hung it on a string and I took a picture of it and did a post on it.

    There's snow on my fucking apple tree when I'm supposed to be pruning it.


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