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Friday, February 18, 2011

STV, and the week in review

Peter Gabriel is an awesome singer. But let's face it, some of his videos rank a 10 on the "weird-o-meter".  Still, if one overlooks the rotting strawberries, underground slugs, and the apparently persistant bee (I don't like those things, much, either), it's still a swell song.  It helps if you close your eyes, and just listen, I guess. The title is about what I do in the greenhouse. A lot. lol.


I am reminded of Valentine's day wherever I go--in the classmates all dressed in red, folks passing out candy (and I even got a valentine! lol). Most especially though, I am reminded by the ziplock bag of pretzel M&M's Dent has managed to sneak into my lunch box.

Dinner was Bojangle's. Yeah, I know. It wasn't "Fillet Minon", but I'm a cheap date, anyhow.  And I didn't have to cook or wash the dishes afterwords. ;)


The folks at school hosted a "ribbon cutting" ceremony to celebrate the opening of their new student center. There was much pomp and circumstance. The cheerleaders even managed to make an appearance (Dent: "We have cheerleaders?" I assured him he didn't miss much)

You'll note the class president was the one cutting the ribbon. Quite a feat considering the poor girl  is on crutches. The vice prez is the red-head in the suit, and the parliamentarian is the one dressed like she's going to the prom. The school president is the very tall gentleman standing beside them.


Was finally shown where to find the liquid fertilizer for the greenhouse plants. It was being stored in a box that had previously contained "roundup". Gee, no wonder I couldn't find it. Plants were happily fed, and it was then I discovered something was missing-- a plant that belonged to a student.

I also got assigned "Snail Patrol", as they have apparently started moving inside to munch on the prop. students fledgling little sprouts. I collected 7 or 8 from underneath the pots, and have been told to keep an eye out for more.


It was suggested the missing plants were "loaned" out, and we are crossing our fingers that they will be returned. I was also told "if you don't put your name on it somewhere, it's fair game". True enough.

Having noticed the library book I've checked out, I was asked *by an instructor*  "Huxley? Wasn't he a witch?" Way to show how ignorant you are, pal. Perhaps to *you*, who insist church comes before your own *family*.  Uhm, no.


Today promises to be a grand day, nice and sunny. Hopefully all you folks out there in Badhairland have a good weekend.

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  1. That was the week that was eh??

    Gotta keep an eye on those pesky snails.

    They're sly....and slimy......but the French are worst. They'll eat the snails :0


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