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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sometimes the runners-up do better.

Even though these folks got snubbed at the Grammies a couple of weeks ago, the exposure has done wonders for them.

We were at Home Depot last night, and I was shocked to hear THIS coming in over the loudspeaker.

Once I picked myself up off the floor, I had to explain to Dent, "Yes, these are the folks with the banjo. They also have a Mandolin. "

I've noticed this about a lot of stuff here. The winners of contests turn drama queen, or weren't that nice to begin with. The folks who "also-ran" tend to do better in the long run.  So I hope the luck continues with these folks (well, improves, is what I mean to say--they didn't win a Grammy, after all)

New single, if they haven't released it yet, it will be soon.

Home Friggin' Depot of all places.

Tools and Banjos? Whathell're you trying to say here?




  1. I was at Home Depot yesterday, they play shit on speakers when I'm in there? Guess I don't notice it with all the other shit going on in my brain.

  2. BBC: Obviously, they're what you'd like an "aquired" taste... I like 'em, was just surprised to hear it at a home depot, is all.



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