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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh sure, I can get into a nerd convention.....

But don't try to post this site on a "blog listing site".

So here I am, poking around in the settings, when I realized I hadn't checked the "stats" on this thing in a while. You out there in badhairland know I like to see who is punishing themselves reading my blog on a frequent basis. Sometimes I'll even click on the referring sites just to see what sort of stuff you, the reader, do in your own spare time.

This morning, I noted there was a link to another person't blog (through one of those "web crawler" things). So I click on it, and am greeted with this:

From the article:

February 15, 2011New restriction on non-original articles

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Over the years we have been seeing a steady increase of blogs that re-post other websites articles (we refer to it as canned content). We over looked this for a long time, but have finally decided that will no longer circulate these so called blogs.

Is my blog at risk of being blocked?

If you write your posts yourself then no. We will be verifying original articles by running web searches for the same content. If your content repeatedly shows up from several different sources then your blog will be blocked.

What if my blog posts are just pictures and not actual articles?

We are only looking at actual text articles.

Will one article re-post get my blog blocked?

No we will run multiple searches on multiple posts before blocking any URL.

Will I be notified if my blog is blocked?

No, you know if you are not writing your own content and can just assume you are already blocked

How do I report other so called blogs that are posting canned content?

You can report these blogs by clicking the “Block this URL” icon just to the right of the “Currently Reading” text box.

As usual if you have any questions, please feel free to either leave a comment or email us at support [at]"

(Now, before we move on, let me lay the irony out for you: I'm doing a blog post, re-printing a blog about someone bitching because of people posting blogs that are nothing but reprinted news [and Youtube.])

 Needless to say, I was a mite puzzled that this particular blog post came up. Did my name come in somewhere? I bet it did.

Yeah. See, here's the problem.

Yes, I do post YouTube stuff and re-hash old news articles. I also comment on said videos and news articles, as well as post pictures that I myself have taken, and general items that I find interesting. This is what I like to call "putting up stuff I like in hopes that you, the reader, will see what makes Scratch, Scratch...and hopefully you'll like it, too". Or in other words, SHARING. You know, that word your momma made you learn when you were little and you had to SHARE your toys with your little sister?

No blog is going to be 100% original. And anyone who claims theirs is is lying through their keyboard.

Obviously, this is a problem with some people. Of course, there are folks out there who are far worse offenders than I am: nothing BUT YouTube and (in their words) "canned content".  Yeah, those annoy me, too. Guess what though?

Look up at the top of the page. See the link that says "Next Blog"? Click it. Problem solved. Don't like my site, don't read it. I'm certainly not asking you to submit it in your uber-secret blog society. Do you all have secret handshakes? Or is it decoder rings?

Because, you see, I'm not out to garner 34,223,456 readers.... I'm more concerned with making the 12 or so I already have happy to be here--You must be, you're still here (either that, or you're a glutton for punishment--either way, thank you!)

Or in other words, to the poster of the orignal article, as I say to asshole drivers who FINALLY pass me on the road: "By the way: fuck you. Have a nice day!"



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