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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obviously, it's time to start locking the greenhouse again.

If you're going to steal plants out of the greenhouse, be sure you take the biggest, most obvious and easiest to notice when it's missing, okay? Oh, and if it's out of a crowded bin, be SURE you don't put another plant in the hole you made when you took the other one out, so we'd be sure to notice it first thing.

Of course, the fancy spider plant in the hanging basket you took belonged to a *student* and was not ours to give away.  Obviously the other 5oo+ smaller, less obvious spider plants in the bin next to it (that no one could care if they dissappeared) weren't good enough for you.

I know it was you, as one of the ferns I painstakenly re-potted was also missing. Those we can do without; however, the spider plant was set aside for a show coming up in a month.

I seriously hope I'm wrong, and it was the owner of the plant who came and picked it up.

We'll see.

Paging Sherlock Holmes.



  1. I'm working out of town and the internut connection out there sucks so I'm not using it much.

    I just came home to take care of some things, will catch up with you as soon as I can. B

  2. OMG - How did you know it was me???

    I'm sooo ashamed!!! It said "Keep me". So I did.

    I hopes you recovers it, and nail the thief by the (soft bits between his legs).


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