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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey Davidus

Here's some virtual sin for you... Crank up the speakers....

For everything I long to do, no matter when or where or who.... LOL!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Today I arrived up at the school to find about 30 parking spaces blocked off in the parking lot I use. Greeeeattt... as if it wasn't hard ENOUGH to find a parking spot. Good thing I'm there at like 7:30 in the morning.  There were some pissed off people when I got out of my car, lemmie tell you.

At any rate, here's a good time-waster link, if you haven't seen it already: Regretsy. "Where DIY meets WTF".



  1. Why? Where did you park?? Did you block off some more spaces on top of the 30 already blocked off lol.

    Just listening to PSB's - good song

  2. Interesting link, loved the vid on it.

    I'm melting some styrofoam in a few ounces of gas, it makes a terrific water proof glue when it dries, it's all I use anymore. I also make plastic wood with it at times, mix it in sawdust.

    And knowing this shit can come in handy if I (you) ever take up the fine art of being an arsonist, if you're going to burn shit down you want to spread sticky shit on it instead of just using gas.

    Makes great fire bombs also, it's a basic Napalm. :-)

    Also handy for starting cranky campfires.


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