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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For lack of any imagination whatsoever

"........I wonder if you know....I wonder if you think about me....once upon a time, in your wildest dreams....."

Sorry, was listening to some stuff here at the school. My mom always liked that song; I wonder if she thinks about me, wherever she is? ;)

I wonder about that a lot, particularily with people I haven't seen in years, or people whom I've never met but I bump into on the 'web here.

Do you think about me, in your wildest dreams?

I think about people I knew in school, and wonder if they're in jail yet, or dead. That sounds bad. But you didn't know the people I knew. Weese over there knows what I'm talking about. You all probably knew a few of these kind of people.

Currently plotting mischief.

But any way.



  1. Do you think about me, in your wildest dreams?

    Would you really want to know about it? :-)

  2. Must our dreams be wild for you to be in???

    Don't answer that.

    OMG - If they're not dead then they'd better watch out - Scatch is gunning for ya!!


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